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About the Artist

The mind boggling beauty to be found in the world is a constant source of amazement and awe for me.  Compositions with aesthetic and emotive appeal can be found in most places, if one is looking with an artist’s eye.  I find photography to be a most direct medium for sharing a way of seeing.  Unlike other artistic media, the photograph records only what is actually there, and an extraordinary visual result creates for me a particular satisfaction precisely because of the absence of embellishment.  The camera is a framed canvas of infinitely variable size, which allows me to share my personal vision of natural events.


I graduated from San Jose State University in 1973 with an BFA in ceramic art, and have been working exclusively with the camera for over forty years.  My work has been shown throughout the United States, and much of Europe.


The works you see here result from a combination of technical competence, forty years of experience, and hard work.  I have trained myself over the years to see well, and to get myself to extraordinary places at the right time of day, with the appropriate film for the effects I want to create.  I take unusual measures to assure a sharp, properly exposed negative, and I am in control of the process from beginning to end.


Though my formal art education was in a three-dimensional media, a strong sense of composition in two dimensions is apparent in my work.  The images follow three major stylistic directions, of course with considerable overlap:  the Abstracts are studies in form, light, and color of natural features;  the Minimalist Landscapes tend to be stark, dramatic, and simple;  the Impressions are soft, emotive, often shot on a foggy day.  What ties the images together is that they are unusual, and they are composed and executed in a painterly fashion.  Newer images from mostly south Asia include people and ancient architecture.  Among the things I hope are apparent to the viewer is my deep respect and reverence for the phenomena of our natural environment.

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