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About the Photographs

There is an intentional absence of camera and film information offered here.  The camera is, after all, merely a tool.  Cameras do not make great photographs, any more than brushes and tubes of acrylics make great paintings.  I hold this information back not because it’s a secret, but rather because it is ultimately not very important.  When an image is purchased, a certificate is automatically included that has all camera, lens, film, and location information on it.


I use no filters, save an occasional polarizer.  Several lenses are used, a lens being merely an angle of view.  I am a master printer, and one of the few photographers in the country who does all of his own printing.  There are no unusual processes employed in the darkroom, no digital manipulation, very little burning and dodging.  I do spend countless hours fussing to assure the best color balance and the perfect print density.  The photographs are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, the most archival color photographic process available today.  This paper, processed in Kodak RA4 chemistry, has a display life in excess of sixty years -– that means sixty years of constant exposure to light.  The photographs are signed editions limited to 100 or 250. 


It is my intention to resist digital reproduction of my images as long as processing chemistry is available.  Photoshop is a fine tool, but I feel that the digital world is perhaps not to be confused with actual photography.  Know that each of my photographs was printed from the original negative, in a darkroom, by the artist.  It is a source of pride for me that the colors and the light qualities you appreciate in an image of mine, is exactly what I experienced while composing the photograph.


When you purchase one of my photographs, it comes with a lifetime guarantee (yours or mine, whichever comes first) against technical defects and fading.  If you ever experience a problem, I will gladly fix it.

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