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Presentation and Framing

All print sizes 16x20 and larger are available in a Laminated Glassless format.  In fact, the larger two are only available this way.  This is a very clean look, without any of the problems that glass presents.  And, no reflected glare, ever !  The print is mounted on ¾”  Gatorboard, then protected by a UV inhibiting laminate that also acts as a protective coating for fingerprints, fly specs, etc.  It can be cleaned with a moist cloth.  A thin wood frame, usually black, surrounds the laminated image, giving it a thin visual border, and a slight shadow-box effect.  Of course, traditional matting and framing is available also for these laminated images, but still, no glass.


Subtle, tasteful, and complementary is  my approach to Traditional Framing.  The top mat is not brilliant white, but rather an off-white, not quite gray.  It is either black core or rag, both being acid free.  The 25 x 32 and 30 x 40 sizes have a narrow accent color under the top mat.  This mat is chosen to complement the image.  All of my photographs are “floated” on the mount board, meaning that the edge of the photo is visible.  A small amount of the mount board is visible, so visually there is a double and triple mat look.


I prefer a frame to be a quiet, visual border between the mat and the wall.  Complementary, quiet, not noticed for the most part.  Frames of all in this traditional framing group are Nielsen profile 15.  It is an understated frame, made of the finest aluminum extrusion, and anodized with a brushed finish.  Several subtle colors are used, and they are chosen to complement the image.  Non-glare or reflective glass is chosen, depending on the image.  You are encouraged to specify if you have a preference.


It is understood that description is not perfect, and that many people have personal preferences regarding matting and framing.  You are encouraged to pick up the telephone and discuss presentation of your image with me.  Use the 800-number and leave a message.  I will respond within a day or two.

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